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Living In Manhattan New York

Manhattan is amongst one of the most famous zip codes to live in the World. Acknowledged as the financial heart of the World, it is the most well known borough of New York. Living in Manhattan New York is like living inside a constantly changing/evolving live being… there is so much happening at all times. For all its importance, Manhattan is a very good mix of the hip and trendy, soft and timeless, elegant and sophisticated and the riff and the raff of life. This is possibly one of the few places on the planet where you might find a top executive of a popular bank rub shoulders with young moms and junkies as he picks up his sandwich from the local vendor.

Manhattan offers a very different lifestyle when compared to any other part of the city of New York. Its constant hustle and bustle makes it a great attraction to the yuppie crowd, but it is not as if it has nothing to offer the quieter lot of people. It is an area that is filled with museums, theatres, parks and eateries that can satisfy even the most varied of people from every corner of the World. The fact that it has been nicknamed “The Crossroads of the World” is an indicator of the diversity of the people who live and work here.

Manhattan New York is a place where it is possible to find both public and private housing options. The earlier tenements have gone and have been replaced by apartments and high rises that are amongst the most expensive to rent or buy in the World. However as the earnings are also amongst the highest in the country, people are willing to pay that extra amount to enjoy the benefit of living in the cultural and finance centre of the city.

One of the primary factors that make people choose Manhattan to live in is the education system. Home of the country’s largest public school system, the options of both public and top class private schools are open to the residents of New York. Some of the best universities of the country, like Columbia and Berkeley are within commuting distances and this makes the area very student oriented. Some of the largest medical and science colleges have their base in Manhattan New York. The Education system is amply supported by the many libraries and centers of research which attract students from all over the country.

New York’s transportation and utilities infrastructure is amongst the best in the country. Manhattan has the least amount of private owned vehicles and residents are primarily dependent on the public transportation system. This system is a highly evolved network of cabs, trains, buses and the metro or underground network. Despite the highly advanced transportation system, Manhattan is best traversed by foot as the place is far too crowded and finding parking in the area is equivalent to finding gold at the end of the rainbow.  The diversity of the people and the hectic pace that they live in, make Manhattan the most eclectic and vibrant areas to live in.

Times Square New York

If there is one iconic symbol that represents the city of New York it has to be Times Square. Known across the World as the “The crossroads of the World”, this stretch of commercial district extends from the West 42nd to West 47th and is perhaps the most well known piece of land on Earth. Everyone wants to see it at least once in their lifetime and many people dream of commercial and professional success against this colossal backdrop. One of the few areas in the United States that hardly ever goes to sleep, Time Square is representative of the living, breathing spirit of New York.

If New York is the heart of the Eastern Seaboard, then Times Square is its very nerve centre. Everyone seems to gravitate towards Times Square New York during all times of the day and there is never a dull moment associated with the square. Initially known as the Long acre Square, it got its present name in 1910 when The New York Times moved its headquarters into the newly constructed Times Building. Since then, it has been the very nerve centre of the borough of Manhattan and its popularity with locals and tourists alike has never waned.

Times Square has many firsts to its credit. It is the home of the Embassy theatre – the world’s first newsreel theatre and the intersection of 42nd Street and Broadway is the first terminus on the Eastern Seaboard for the Lincoln Highway. It is the first place to that all New Yorkers move to, whether it is a celebration of a global event like watching a royal wedding live or celebrating a hard fought Presidential election. Times Square in New York has also been the site for the annual New Year’s Eve Ball Drop for a long time and holds more revelers on New Year’s Eve than any other place in the World.

With tourists from all over the World arriving in New York and there is a good 90% of them wanting to visit the Times Square, the entire borough of Manhattan has evolved from being just a commercial hub into a centre of arts, crafts, hospitality and entertainment. The constantly flickering neon signs that light up the entire square as night sets in are representative of the throbbing and ever changing landscape that is the square itself. There are a huge number of hotels within Times Square that cater to all kinds of budgets and all known cuisines of the World find their representation within the borough of Manhattan New York. This diversity is the defining feature of the square and it finds manifestations in all areas of the square.

Some of the most popular tourist spots to visit in and around Times Square New York are the Ripley’s Believe It or Not Odditorium, Madame Tussad’s Wax Museum, M&M’s world and the Discovery Times Square Exposition. Theaters like the Empire Theater and the Embassy Theatre are must sees for all those who love their movies.  And if high quality food served New York style is your passion then there are eateries like B B King open from 11 am to 1 am.

Manhattan Nightlife

One can find the best nightlife in Manhattan. Manhattan nightlife is quite exciting and if you are looking to find people of all cultures, then Manhattan is the right place for you to be at. Manhattan is known to be one of the stylish and sleek places with a different life style altogether. It is estimated that there are over 20,000 restaurants and unlimited number of clubs and bars as well as theatres. So, one can easily accept what kind of nightlife can one expect in Manhattan.

If you’re into the nightlife scene then there are an unlimited number of clubs and bars across Manhattan. If you are planning to host a crazy party or even planning to spending the night dancing in the best dance bar, then you can find numerous number of clubs and bars out here. Any new comer will for sure get carried away with the large number of bars and clubs found here. One can also find some popular wine bars where they also serve lip smacking dishes through out the night. If you need to work hard the whole week, do not worry. You have the weekend where you can spend the whole night dancing to the tune you love.

Most of these places are not so crowded on the weekdays.  On the weekends, however, the crowds can get very busy and there is a good chance you won’t even be able to get in.

Manhattan Skyline

New York has long been identified with the skyscrapers of its most popular borough – Manhattan. Right since the late 19th century, this type of building has held the entire World in thrall and nowhere else in the World has it met with as much success as it has in Manhattan. The skyline of Manhattan has been for more than 150 years dominated by these sky reaching buildings with many architects competing to build the tallest building. The race to build the tallest building in the World was so intense right from 1890 and Manhattan has been the home to the world’s tallest skyscrapers right up until 1973. Nine buildings have held this unique distinction and all of them have been within the borough of Manhattan New York.

One of the first pictures that come to mind when talking about New York is the Manhattan skyline. Numerous picture postcards have been printed and anybody who has visited this place has a copy of the night time skyline of Manhattan. Some of the buildings that dominate this skyline are amongst the most visited and photographed buildings of all time. Today most of the old skyscrapers have been renovated, refurbished and house some of the most exclusive and expensive hotels and flagship stores of the most elite brands of the World.

Ever since the beginning of the 20th century, Manhattan NY has been defined by the many skyscrapers that to this day dominate the skyline of New York. Amongst the older skyscrapers, the Chrysler building and the Bank of Manhattan skyscraper dominated the real estate of Manhattan until 1931. In May 1931, the completion of the Empire State building with its 102 stories and its Art Deco tower was hailed as the architectural rejuvenation of the United States. This building remained the World’s tallest until 1972 when the twin towers of the World Trade Centre took over the mantle for a short period of two years. The World Trade Centre, with its twin towers, observation decks and 110 floors of office space has been iconic of the growth of the financial stature of the Unites States. Located in Lower Manhattan, these two towers came to represent the very heart of the World’s financial nerve centre. The terrorist air strikes that destroyed the Twin towers in 2001 changed the entire façade of Manhattan and today the Empire State Building remains the tallest in Manhattan.

If the skyline of Manhattan is arresting by daytime, people have been dumbstruck by the absolute wonder of the night time skyline of Manhattan. The neon lights and the constantly changing visual effects light up the sky and create an image of total magnificence that enthralls even the most jaded of persons. Each of the buildings that rises up against the skyline has made immense impacts on the imagination and creativity of the people of the country.  From the cake-icing Gothic detailing of the Woolworth Building to the shimmering Art Deco of the Chrysler Building and the spire of the Empire State building, tall buildings have come to represent the very spirit of Manhattan.


Manhattan New York

One of the most beautiful places in the World is Manhattan New York.  As you can tell from the photo above the city is always shining with lights and excitement.  The city features thousands of restaurants and clubs and most are in walking distance.  As you look out the window, you’ll see one building towering over the others and that is the Empire State Building.  Tours are available which will take you all the way to the top of the building.  It gives you a different perspective of the city of Manhattan because you can see everything.

One of the disadvantages with Manhattan is the expense.  This city is expensive and being rich (in normal cities) means you’re probably poor here.  Most apartments and living situations are taken.  If you happen to find something, you’ll notice the living space is extremely small.  It is something you get used to as you’re here for the city life and shouldn’t be spending that much time at home.  It’s very common to have several room mates and no vehicle.

The transportation in Manhattan New York is very good.  You can hop on the train from just about any point and get to your destination in no time.  You may have to walk a little more that is part of the city life. 

Manhattan is simply amazing and living here is like living the in the heart of the action.  No other city in the World compares to Manhattan New York.