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Mark Hurd: A Study in Dedication

Mark Hurd

Today’s society is obsessed with the idea of getting rich quick. Teenage talents are discovered, their voices or dancing ability is displayed to the public, and suddenly they become richer than they ever imagined. Someone wins the lottery and becomes a millionaire overnight. A woman writes a fan fiction story, develops it into a novel, and suddenly is one of the best selling novelists alive. A high school athlete has an incredible talent, turns pro as soon as he is able, and then becomes a high paid superstar within no time.


Stories of people whose lives changed in an incredibly short amount of time and left them with a windfall of money capture the American imagination. Everyone dreams of becoming rich with only a minimum amount of effort and often they do they feel entitled to more than they have earned. They dream of the life of the 1 percent, but don’t make the efforts to become one of the 1% themselves.


Mark Hurd the CEO of Oracle,  is undoubtedly a successful businessman. He has the life that many people only wish they had. But that success was not given to him at birth. He was not born a prince or the heir to some media corporation or hotel mogul. Mark Hurd came by his wealth in the same way that most people do: through hard work.  He has been a proven leader at Oracle and continues his leadership today.

Born in New York City and raised in Miami, Florida, Mark Hurd left the east coast at age 18 to pursue an education at Baylor University in Waco, Texas. He attended the school on a tennis scholarship and juggled his tennis requirements with his full academic schedule and his fraternity duties.


During his senior year, Mark Hurd was often traveling for a week at a time for tennis competitions, missing that week’s classes and having to make up the work later. He also served as the president of his fraternity, Phi Delta Theta, and performed all of the duties required from him in that position. Mark Hurd learned very early the necessity of time management, and finished his senior year on time, graduating from Baylor with a Bachelor’s degree in Business Administration in 1979.


From there Mark Hurd began work as a junior salesman for NCR Corp. Note that he did not immediately begin in a high paying management position. Instead, he had to spend 14 years working his way up the ladder of NCR Corp rung by rung. Mark Hurd served in several different capacities as a salesman, manager, assistant director and director of various divisions in the company.


It wasn’t until 1994 that Mark Hurd received his big break, earning a promotion to the vice president position of the Teradata Division of NCR. He was promoted again in 1998, and then in 2000 was named the President of NCR Corp. Mark Hurd’s successes came quickly after that, being named COO and CEO for NCR Corp, serving until 2005 before leaving to take the position of CEO at HP.


Mark Hurd’s wealth and success from his time at HP and beyond have been well documented elsewhere, and his name is now one of the most recognized in the world of business technology. However, it was not without an incredible amount of ambition, dedication, and hard work that Mark Hurd became the man that he is today.

UPDATE: There has been a lot of updates regarding Mark Hurd and his career. You can follow Mark Hurd on Twitter.

Learn About Manhattan

Learn About Manhattan NY

Let’s discuss Manhattan, it’s history, and why I love living here.  First, if you’ve never been to Manhattan you must visit.  From the list of my friends almost all of them came here on vacation and ended up loving it so much they just stayed here.  If you’re looking for a job or single, then it’s the number 1 place to be in the USA.

Manhattan is a very popular area of New York City.  Here you’ll find a wide range of personalities and cultures.  Residents incomes range from high to low so there a lot of broke individuals and a lot of rich individuals.  Manhattan is the home of the UN Headquarters and Wall Street which many call the financial capital of the World.  It’s also the home of the New York Stock Exchange and the NASDAQ.  Manhattan is hands down the most expensive place to live in USA.  New York County is the most populated than any other county in the USA as well.  It’s very busy and compact.  In 2013, there were 1.6 million individuals living in about 23 square miles.  New York City brings in about 50 million visitors annually.

One aspect I really love about Manhattan is its architecture.  All the skyscrapers, bridges, towers, ect they truly are amazing and you can’t miss them when you come here.

Manhattan Traffic


I just got back from my friends place downtown and I came to the realization that Manhattan traffic can get really bad.  I not sure if we’ll ever find a solution to all this painful traffic but we need to start putting in measures to figure it out quickly.  I would also like to say the fees associated with Taxi’s is getting really expensive on my wallet.

It probably won’t happen here but many cities are experiences all these new rideshare services like Uber for example.  I wish we had more around here because we need to competition so the prices can be lowered.  Obviously, the city is collecting hand over fists with it’s current setup so it probably wouldn’t last but I hope we start to move in this direction as a city.

I know it’s not much but just a week ago the city raised the rates for taxi’s another .30 cents.  Again, it’s not enough for anyone to complain about probably but that is how they get you.  It continues to raise slowly and before you know it’s several dollars higher than it was before.  You can forget about owner a car in Manhattan at this point.


Mike Asimos – Manhattan Hiking

mike asimos discussed manhattan hiking locations

I caught up with Mike Asimos last Friday to discuss his visit to New York.  If you don’t know, Mike Asimos is a popular blogger who owns a personal website at:  The site features his travels, outdoors, and hiking locations.  He also owns probably the largest Grateful Deal collection anywhere.  His father Dan started it and it was later passed onto him.  Over the years, he just kept on adding to his collection and now he describes it as “out of control”.  One of conversations, was about his visit to New York and his favorite hiking spots.  Now you should know that Mike Asimos travels a lot.  He has been just about to every state in the US and knows just about everything related to the outdoors and secrete hiking locations.

I was able to pick his brain on some of the hottest hiking locations in Manhattan.  I’m going to share those with our readers.  This list was put together by Mike Asimos himself (also goes by Michael Asimos) as noted on his website.  Here we go!

1)  In Queens there is a spot called the Jamaica Bay Wildlife Refuge.  The tarrain is rough with lots of sticks, mud, and ponds.  It’s not the faint of heart.  There are tons of birds here infact over 330 species have been seen here since 1925.  Again, make sure you dress appropriately because things are messy here.  It’s a fun hike and one of Mike Asimos favorites.

2)  Midwood Trail is located in Brooklyn.  It’s a fairly short hike like .75 of  mile.  As you walk and discover all the species that hang out here you forget you’re so close to the city.  This is one of the oldest forests in Brooklyn.  It’s worth a visit for sure and much cleaner than the hike at Jamaica Bay.  You may want to look around a little more while your here as well.  Like I mentioned above the hike is fairly small so enjoy the scenery and take lots of photos.

3)  John Kieran Nature Trail is part of the Bronx’s Van Cortlandt Park.  It stretches over 1000 acres so there is always somewhere to go here.  If you go down by the stables there is a good 1.5 mile hike (Gallagher Trail).  It’s a really big area overall from wetlands and a lake to discover.  There are several trails available here if you look out for them.

Those are the hot spots when it comes to hiking trails and Manhattan and surrounding areas by Mike Asimos.  He is also available on many social media sites online.  I’m sure if you Google his name you can find him.  He has been featured on many articles about hiking and camping because of his travels and expertise in this field.  If you’d like to ready more about Mike make sure you visit his website and connect with him.

Walking the trail with Mike Asimos

Walking the trail with Mike Asimos

Manhattan Top Attractions

Manhattan Popular Attractions

I was in Manhattan this past weekend and wanted to share my experiences with several of the top attractions.  These are your typical top recommended sites to visit.  Almost everyone visits them.  Here we go and more will be discussed in future posts.

Central Park is about 843 acres in the heart of Manhattan.  It’s pretty much busy all the time with the locals and many tourists checking it out.  Since the city is almost all concrete visiting the Park will give you a sense of “green” again.  I have been to many states and venues and understand getting some of the greenery is an important element.  In 1962, Central Park was give historic status.  Central Park can get really busy and it’s believed to have over 35 million visitors a year.

Empire State Building located in midtown Manhattan the Empire State Building is the 4th tallest in the USA.  The building is actually owned by Empire State Realty Trust and their current CEO Anthony Malkin.  Just a few years ago in 2010 over $550 million was spent to renovate the building and make it more eco-friendly ($120 million of it).  There has been many suicide attempts (some successful and others not) mostly from individuals trying to jump off of it.  A plane also crashed into the building in 1945 which impacted several floors.  If you’re curious and decide to count the steps I will tell you now that there are 1860 steps from the street level.  Over 1000 business do business inside and it actually has it’s own zip code.  That is impressive.

Times Square can be an exciting place to visit.  Again, this is one of the more popular areas to visit and where a lot of tourists visit.  It is also located in midtown Manhattan if you’re having trouble finding it.  New York Times Square is considered to be the most visited attraction in the World with over 39 million visitors per year.  About 330,000 people pass through the area on a daily basis.  On New Years Eve each year the place is standing room only and you need to get here in the morning to see the action (ball drop).

There is you have it.  A quick summary of the few places to visit and deem the top attractions in Manhattan.