Johnson And Johnson News About Baby Powder

talc-powder johnson and johnson

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“Johnson and Johnson won its second consecutive legal victory in one week after a judge reversed a record $417 million jury verdict against the health giant over alleged links between ovarian cancer and its talc based products. J&J talcum products like Johnson Baby Powder have long been used by women for feminine hygiene purposes, and there are more than 4,800 plaintiffs across the country suing over an alleged association with their or their family members’ cancers.”

5 Important Facts About the Safety of Talc according to
“Following decades of studies conducted by medical experts across the globe, it has been demonstrated through science, research and clinical evidence that few ingredients have the same performance, mildness and safety profile as cosmetic talc powder.”

According to
“Two women with cancer—one already deceased—lost lawsuits against talcum powder makers recently after a judge determined that they hadn’t proved the powder caused their cancer. So does the stuff cause cancer or doesn’t it? Turns out that’s a hard question to answer.”

The Facts about Talc according to
“Talcum powder is the refined, powdery form of the softest mineral on earth: talc.1 Whether you call it talcum powder or baby powder, you’ve likely found its silky white softness to be a baby care essential. Talc is an “inert” ingredient, meaning it does not generate a chemical reaction when ingested or used on the skin.”

Roy Price Bio – Head of Amazon Studios

Roy Price Photo Bio, History, Net Worth

Roy Price developed Amazon Video and Amazon Studio, divisions of Amazon Inc. Born into the world of Hollywood, Price’s early life, education, connections, and career path would make him the man to get Amazon’s streaming services off the ground and running.

Price was born July 21, 1967 in Los Angeles, California, USA. Roy Price was born into born to Frank Price, former chairman of Columbia Pictures and Universal Pictures, and Katherine Crawford, making him a familiar with Hollywood from a very young age. His mother, Katherine Crawford, was an actress known for her roles in Riding with Death, A Walk in the Spring Rain and Gemini Man. His maternal grandfather, Roy Huggins, created and produced TV shows like The Fugitive, The Rockford Files, and Maverick. Coming from a line of producers and on-screen fame, it was not long before Price began to make a name for himself in the world of entertainment. Despite working in the industry, or maybe because of it, Frank Price limited his kids to just 2.5 hours a week of TV viewing. “I was in television, and I was a little worried that too much television watching would turn a brain into mush,” the elder Price said. Looking back, he believes that constraint helped his son learn to discriminate, to pick the shows he really loved. This would pay off for Roy Price in his later career, as discriminating taste and a keen eye for original productions would be a helpful skill set.

Price graduated from the prestigious Phillips Academy Andover, an exclusive boarding school north of Boston. From the academy, he attended Harvard University, Class of 1989, where he majored in English and American Literature, graduating cum laude. Price said, “I studied all the time—math and physics and computers. My Harvard interviewer spent most of the time asking why I wasn’t applying to MIT.” He then went on and attended USC Gould School of Law, Class of 95, where he was Editor in Chief of the Southern California Interdisciplinary Law Journal. From his education alone, one could peg Price as an academic. While his education is not typical of Hollywood elite, he said when “he looked at the biggest difference makers, aside from filmmakers, and determined that they fell into two camps: college dropouts, such as Jeffrey Katzenberg and Barry Diller, or lawyers. At that time, I had already graduated from college, so it was too late not to graduate from college,” Price said. “So, it was clear I had to go to law school.” Read the Roy Price 10 questions interview on Wired.

With a law degree in Hand, Price went back to the movies. He never actually practiced law but had the practical knowledge in his back pocket. From 1989-1990 Price worked as a film set assistant, specifically, “third assistant camera” during the Fiji shooting of “Return to the Blue Lagoon.” From 1990-1992 Price worked as a Financial Analyst, Allen & Co., saying, “I’d gotten some exposure to film development, but I wanted more exposure to the finance part. From 1995-200 Price made a name for himself while working as the Vice President of Creative Affairs for Disney TV Animation. Price developed or supervised TV series including Recess (1997), Pepper Ann (1997), Hercules (1998), Timon & Pumbaa (1995), Buzz Lightyear of Star Command (2000), The Weekenders (2000), Annie winner House of Mouse (2001) and Emmy and BAFTA winner Teacher’s Pet (2000). Also, several animated films and direct to videos including Recess: School’s Out (2001), Tarzan & Jane.

After his time with Disney, Price worked as a consultant for McKinsey, a global management consulting firm that serves a broad mix of private, public and social sector institutions. In this position, he led teams of consultants and client team members to optimize results at world’s leading media companies. He worked extensively in-home video, international television, US film and video distribution. In this position, he would learn the importance of the internet and how that would ultimately change and influence the entertainment industry.

From 2003 to 2004 Price operated out of Price Entertainment and acted as a business consultant to media companies. Clients included a national broadcast television network, a major Los Angeles talent agency, and others. Price took a leap of faith leaving his established position and status in the world of Hollywood to move north to Seattle to take on a position at Amazon to develop its streaming service Amazon Prime. His talents were put to good use as he worked tirelessly to get this off the ground and running.

From 2004 to 2009 Price worked as a Group Product manager, director, and Amazon Video on Demand. During this time Price sealed a deal with TiVo, which was significant, because it helped Amazon get to televisions. On the way, Price picked up 14 patents. He also developed digital video store (Amazon Unbox), Amazon’s first application and the first digital video store to use transactional streaming with a video library. Price managed product management and content licensing, negotiation international deals to license TV and motion pictures, creating the world’s largest commercial digital videos selection with over 50,000 titles available. Price was also able to close deals with Sony, Samsung, Panasonic, Roku and other consumer electronics companies to distribute service to TVs and devices.

From 2006-2009 Roy Price also worked as Director of Amazon Video on Demand. Price acted as a bridge between the world of Hollywood and the creation of Amazon streaming. “I had to help everybody around Hollywood understand what we were trying to do and what the opportunity was for them and also help everybody in Seattle understand what to expect from the business.” In 2010 Amazon Studios developed online content through the development process. Amazon Studios was launched in 2012, coming up with original online content through this platform.

In 2013 Amazon Story Teller was launched to helping writers easily turn their screenplays into storyboards using script parsing and a library of character images, backgrounds, and props. In the same year, Amazon Storybuilder was also launched helping to movi]e the process of outlining stories with physical notecards online to make it portable and shareable. In 2013 “Alpha House” and “Betas” Amazon’s first original series was available for viewing.

Price next transitioned to the Head of Prime Video Global Content and Amazon Studios, naturally. His responsibilities included him managing global content selection at Prime Video across 240+ countries and territories. In three years, Amazon Studios launched 25 shows earning 411 major awards nominations and 142 wins. These include AFI Program of the Year, Golden Globes Best Comedy (twice), Emmys Best Preschool Show (twice), Emmys Best Actor, Emmys Best Director, Annie’s Best Preschool Show (three times), Globes Best Actor (three times), and in the first year in film, Oscars Best Actor, Best Screenplay and Best Foreign Film. Amazon Studios also produces in Japan, India, and Germany, producing our top show in each country. In less than five years, he built a bridge between Amazon’s original plan into a destination for Hollywood talent. Amazon Prime Instant Video, the company’s Netflix-like on-demand video service included in its $99-a-year Prime membership, which also offers two-day shipping at no extra charge. The creation of original programming has turned Prime Instant Video into the second-largest subscription video-streaming service in the U.S., with 13 percent of all television households using it, behind only Netflix, according to media-measurement firm Nielsen.

When asked what he looked for in content Price said, “We’re looking for visionary filmmakers who want to do something, have a passion to do something new and interesting and fun and worth talking about,” Price said. This section of Amazon had come a long way from when Hollywood would not entertain when Amazon first began selling DVDs in1998. Hollywood studios refused to sell DVDs on the Internet. Now, Hollywood returns Amazon’s calls. Price hired directors Woody Allen, Steven Soderbergh, Spike Lee, and Manchester producer Matt Damon. It took someone with the insight into Hollywood, Film, and Technology for the stars to align on this project, and Roy Price was just the man for the job, and he has executed with success. Price has said to be irreverent, puckish and infinitely bolder than most Hollywood execs. He has also been to said to be refreshingly transparent and easy to work with.

Not one to color in the lines, Price knows that to move forward in today’s entertainment business, your ideas cannot be that of yesteryear or something that viewers feel they have seen before. People are looking for fresh, creative, and gripping content to consume. With different streaming services available, you have to have an edge to what shows you choose to make available. With so much available, people are not just looking for quantity, but quality. Therefore, you have to wonder about the personality of someone who can put this idea into motion and do so successfully. Who he is as a person, and how does he balance the Amazon culture with the Hollywood culture, and have successfully brought the two worlds together? One of his closest friends, Joseph McGinty Nichol, the Hollywood director better known as McG, refers to his buddy as “wacky Roy Price.” “He’s a punk rocker. He’s a Wes Anderson film come to life,” said McG, whose credits include the “Charlie’s Angels” movies and “We Are Marshall.” To McG, that wackiness makes Price interesting and is what’s helping make Amazon Studios successful. Price has a distinct point of view, and it’s not one that tries to cater to the milquetoast tastes of the masses. He does not conduct from a place of fear,” said McG, who is also developing a project with Amazon. Price is not afraid to make his voice heard to the public and was one of the few Amazon corporate leaders who used social media and engaged with the public. The Disney film The Barefoot Executive, about a chimp who’s a genius at picking TV hits, is one of his favorites. “That is an awesome, awesome movie.” Seems a fitting favorite for someone whose job it was to create new content for a new entertainment streaming service. “You’re not going to find the most interesting new show on TV by being easily put off by risk,” he says. “You have to be sort of bold. In today’s competitive environment, the conservative path is the riskiest path.”

Price earned a substantial amount of income and net worth during the time he worked as a CEO and Chairman of media development division, Amazon Studios. His estimated net worth as of 2017 is $14 million. With his skill set and expertise, Roy Price was able to make his mark of the entertainment business, both during his time at Disney and Amazon. However, his unique skill set earned him the right man to get Amazon’s Video and Amazon Studio to the success they have today.

A Year of Firsts for SpaceX & Elon Musk

Department of Defense SpaceX Mission

U.S. Department of Defense to use SpaceX for a mission and the First Reusable Rocket Successfully launched and landed in late March

Manhattan New York, April 24th, 2017— The U.S. Department of Defense will be using Elon Musk’s company, SpaceX, for a mission upcoming launch of a government spy satellite for the National Reconnaissance Office. The launch is scheduled for as early as April 30.

For at least the last six years, that arena has been the exclusive domain of competitor United Launch Alliance, according to the Orlando Centennial. The NRO revealed in May that it had granted SpaceX the upcoming launch. The mission will reflect a new area of competition for SpaceX and ULA, two of the main launch providers from the Space Coast. Florida could benefit from this business competition.

“This satellite was going to launch from Florida anyway,” said Dale Ketcham, Space Florida’s chief of strategic alliances. “But it reflects more competition. That will drive down prices and could result in it being cheaper to get into space, meaning more launches. Competition is a good thing.”

SpaceX reached another milestone with the successful relaunch of a used Falcon 9 rocket on March 30th. That accomplishment is early proof that the company’s plan to reuse boosters could eventually lower launch costs. Now SpaceX has had nine successful rocket landings, as well as a Falcon 9 that has gone to and from space two times now.

“It’s been 15 years to get to this point, it’s taken us a long time,” Elon Musk said. “A lot of difficult steps along the way, but I’m just incredibly proud of the SpaceX for being able to achieve this incredible milestone in the history of space.”

2017 has been a year of firsts for SpaceX, and it’s not even half way over. As SpaceX begins to move towards its next launch, many are waiting and watching in anticipation to see what they accomplish in the coming future.

Elon Musk is a serial entrepreneur and is a owner of Tesla located in California.

The Story of SolarCity

Manhattan NY Solar Panels SolarCity

SolarCity was founded in July 2006 by brothers Lyndon Rive and Peter Rive. The suggestion for a solar company came from their cousin, Elon Musk. SolarCity is America’s largest solar power provider and serves more than 275,000 customers across 19 states. With New York being so large this product could revolutionize the way we live. SolarCity services homeowners, businesses, schools, non-profits and government organizations to expand clean energy. Energy costs are lower than what customers would pay for energy generated by burning fossil fuels like coal, oil and natural gas. Imagine paying less in Manhattan by leveraging the sun? The company approach is to install systems to the highest engineering standards while making the switch simple for customers. SolarCity has revolutionized the way energy is delivered by giving customers a cleaner, more affordable alternative to their monthly utility bill.

SolarCity oversees the solar panel installation process and provides a point of contact should anything go wrong, ensuring that you are taken care of from beginning to end. SolarCity has been the leading provider of residential solar power in California since 2007, its first full year of operation. SolarCity’s engineers complete a structural analysis for customer’s homes and provide design and electrical blueprints. Supervisors are North American Board of Certified Energy Practitioners (NABCEP)- certified, the highest certificate available. After solar panel installation, an inspection is scheduled to make sure the installation conforms to local regulations. Solar project management is looked after by an in-house customer account management team who plan the installation process and coordinate all team members, including the engineering design team, installation crew and external city and utility inspectors. They also keep the customer informed of project status, and in addition to this, every customer is given an online account where they can check the project status at any time.

SolarCity has a five-step process to buying solar energy: a solar consultation where SolarCity discusses if solar energy is the right step for that customer, depending on energy usage and the roof of the house. The customer will then sign an agreement to secure the solar energy cost for the next 20 years and discuss guarantees and warranties. The solar panels are then designed to fit the needs of the customer and their home. SolarCity didn’t invent the solar panel, but it is credited with making wider adoption of solar panels possible. A few years ago, solar panels were extremely expensive, approximately $30,000 to $50,000 upfront, which was financial unattainable for many people. Solar City developed a lease model that allows people to install solar panels with no money down and pay for over a period.

In August 2016, Tesla announced in a joint statement with Solar City it would be acquiring the company in an all-stock $2.6 billion merger. The merger was met with criticism, by analysts questioning the reason for the merger, assuming Tesla was bailing SolarCity out of a bad financial situation. Elon Musk, SolarCity’s Chairman and CEO of SpaceX and Tesla Inc, has repeatedly said that SolarCity is the missing part of Tesla’s business. Tesla already manufactures Powerwall and chargers for its cars. If a customer wants to use solar energy to power their home and Tesla, they currently must lease solar panels from a third-party company that installs them. Musk argues that merging with SolarCity would transform Tesla into a one-stop-shop for drivers who want to go green, making it efficient and more consumer-friendly. Musk had been planning on getting into the solar business for a long time. Musk wrote in his original “Master Plan” in 2006, “the overarching purpose of Tesla Motors (and the reason I am funding the company) is to help expedite the move from a mine-and-burn hydrocarbon economy towards a solar electric economy, which I believe to be the primary, but not exclusive, sustainable solution.”

SolarCity was awarded $305 million to finance new projects. Some of the company’s latest projects include a huge solar field in Kauai, Hawaii that will charge up batteries during the day, as well as a new battery factory in Buffalo, New York. What are the benefits of solar energy? The average SolarCity solar power system will offset 178 tons of CO2 over 30 years.That’s like avoiding 390,300 miles driven, planting ten football fields full of trees or eliminating 174,907 pounds of burned coal.

SolarCity is also using its technology to change lives in developing countries. GivePower is a nonprofit organization founded by SolarCity. It uses clean energy technologies to deliver essential community services to the developing world. The mission is to leverage solar applications to improve people’s lives in impoverished communities by impacting these seven sectors: education, water, health, food security, economic development, telecommunications, and conservation.

Lyndon Rive is the co-founder and CEO of SolarCity. In nine years, he has helped SolarCity become one of the most recognizable brands in clean energy. In the process, the company has grown to more than 13,000 employees. Lyndon has led fundraising efforts for the finance of more than $8 billion in solar projects from investors including Bank of America, Merrill Lynch, Google, PG&E Corporation and U.S. Bancorp. He also helped the company enter new markets including 400 schools and universities, more than 100 regional and national homebuilders, and Fortune 500 companies such as eBay, Intel, and Walmart, as well as the U.S. military.

Peter Rive is SolarCity’s co-founder and CTO, overseeing technology strategy and implementation. Peter has helped grow SolarCity into the largest full-service solar provider in the nation, installing one in every three-new residential solar systems in the U.S. In his role as CTO; Peter develops the strategy and direction of SolarCity’s next-generation software and hardware technologies including battery systems, solar mounting hardware, and solar module technology.

Manhattan New York Consulting

Manhattan consulting expert help Robi Ludwig

Life is difficult and we all struggle. We have our challenges and pressures that we must push through. Living in New York is a fast paced environment that can sometimes take make you so stressful it becomes difficult to even function. Since we live in the Big Apple and the greatest city (and most expensive) having family living here with us isn’t always an option. You don’t get to talk to your loved ones eye to eye or even you best friends who may live in another state. The reality is that everyone can’t live here due to it being so expensive.

Having someone to talk with helps release the pressure. It helps just by talking about your issues and getting a different perspective on life. A local psychotherapist like Dr. Robi Ludwig or another professional is often the best choice to help you get perspective about life and a develop a plan. Dr. Robi Ludwig is one that I would recommend not only because she is local but also do to her experience. When I got with someone I want to know they are a professional, have experience, and a local authority all of which she has 100%. I can think of any else in this space who has more experience or exposure on the issues regarding mental health and helping others as she does. She is often featured on TV and the person to call when people want advice regarding issues. I found more information about Dr. Robi Ludwig on her Instagram which is very active and informational.

In addition, you can feel confident in her ability. Your privacy is important and having a solid education and lots of experiences gives you the best opportunity to resolve your issues in a timely manner.

Dr. Robi Ludwig: The Importance of Conflict Resolution Between Spouses

Marriage Conflicts Living In New York

Manhattan New York is a big place with lots of people. How do we all get along that is the question? I would guess married couples living in the city really do find this a challenge. Our places are cramped and essentially are forced to work out our differences. With that being said, we are need are space sometimes. Lets talk about marriages and living with our spouses.

Rarely do marriages fail at the onset. After all, many couples stay happily married for years, or decades, before the mortar in the wall begins to chip away. Often it begins with couples striving for different goals in arguments. As we all know, conflict is impossible to completely avoid. Even two like-minded people will eventually run into both petty disputes and earth-quaking, rapid-fire exchanges.

Avoiding arguments is not your goal. Simmering disputes on the verge of spilling over the pot will only result in an explosive showdown in Wal-Mart’s Aisle 3. All that matters is how you handle it.

Conflict Resolution Strategies

There are three main types of healthy problem solving. All require good communication between couples.

• Validation. These are arguments settled by two people calmly discussing their issues. Think pads of paper, pros and cons lists, and compromise.

• Explosive. Conflicts occasionally erupt, and when they do the neighbors are running for cover.

• Avoidance. Couples decide that problems are not worth fighting over and only leave major issues to dispute.

In recent years psychologists like Dr. Robi Ludwig Facebook (from New York) are finding that even explosive argument strategies (perhaps less a strategy and more a harshly-drawn line in the sand) lead to a healthy marriage. Arguments get the dust out from under the rug. It is when couples engage in self-destructive behavior instead of working through problems that the marriage’s foundation develops cracks. Dr. Ludwig is one of the leaders in the field of psychology. She has been featured in books and mostly on television providing her expertise. She discusses the issue everyday on her Huffington Post page.

Regardless of how you settle problems with your spouse, you still must provide affirmation, employ good listening skills, clearly communicate concerns, and avoid problematic behavior.

Is The Problem Attitude? Probably

How do you know when an argument has derailed from the subject at hand and evolved into something more sinister? It is usually attitude. Step back and consider if what you are saying is about your attitude toward your partner or, rather, an expressed interest in his or her feelings. You need to assess every argument for its core.

A common technique is to agree on a safe word. When the conflict gets heated and both people are red in the face, cut out and take a breather. Think about what has been said before the personal attacks arrive. If either of you are doing one of the following, the argument strategy must change:

• Being Defensive. It is incredibly easy to determine if someone is being defensive. They make excuses, pretending every event is out of their control. They shift responsibility onto others. They repeat themselves over and over, like a broken record, completely ignoring their spouse’s protests.

• Never Giving Ground. Throwing up walls makes things even more difficult. This is the final nail in the coffin of miscommunication. One-sided arguments, directed by one toward their silent spouse, is infuriating. This leads to questions like: What are they thinking? Do they hear me? Do they even care?

• Acting Savage. Never should an argument turn abusive, yet it frequently occurs. The insults start flying, accusations making light of the other person. Nothing destroys self-worth more, or entrenches them further in their argument, faster than mockery. Always strive to avoid making the argument personal, and focus on the facts of the case.

How to Effectively Resolve Arguments
By Robi Ludwig

You know the old saying “opposites attract?” What about “love is blind?” Nothing is stranger and harder to explain than the phenomenon of love. Authors, poets, musicians, and artists have tried since the dawn of creation and still, it’s a mystery.

Conflict arises because the opposites in our nature clash. An organized wife rolls her eyes at the husband who takes too long in the shower, yet again making them late for the Christmas party. Religious differences. Small lifestyle habits. All are differences fighting for control. The first step to overcoming these personality gaps is acknowledging the other person’s needs and accepting them for who they are.

No accepting your partner for who they are leads us to the perils of selfishness. As a snowball gathers strength, selfishness and a desire for control builds momentum and makes mountains out of molehills. But how do you up and change your personality at the drop of a hat? Learning to give ground sounds simple and preachy enough in theory, but what tangible actions need to be taken? Here are two of the most effective strategies:

1.) Pursue the other person. Think back to the initial desire. Back to the days when you were first dating. No, this is not an exercise to rediscover young love. Rather, it’s a way to love the person in front of you. People change. Your spouse has his or her own hobbies and interests. Involve yourself in his or her life more. Join a book club together or take up biking. You will be surprised how quickly common goals unite people.

2.) Use tact during conflict. Words seem to spill out so effortlessly when white-hot tempers begin flaring. Many of the harshest statements would never come out if people gave an extra second to think about the implications of their words. Treat your partner with respect during each argument and follow some basic rules:

• Are your motivations sound? Do you want to hurt your spouse with words, or are you trying to be persuasive?
• Do you sound neglectful, angry, or crass?
• Where are you arguing? Are you going to embarrass yourselves?
• Are you arguing the problem, or are you pointing out failures in the other person?
• Are you studying the facts, or are you making accusations toward about motives?
• Do you care if you “win,” or if you reach a happy conclusion?

Never assume the other person is hurt any less than you are by heavy conflict. As difficult as these moments are, these test your mettle as a couple. As a bonus, the couples who do become skilled at laying down the swords in favor of XOXOs typically take great pride that they are able to resolve issues like adults.

Hope the information provided by us and Dr. Ludwig is valuable.

Video of Robi Ludwig on ABC Nightline (1/28/15).

UPDATE: There has been many updates in Dr. Robi Ludwig’s career follow her on Twitter

The Function of Manhattan PR in the Collaborative Commons

PR Trust and Collaboration Manhattan

In his book The Zero Marginal Cost Society, Jeremy Rifkin analyzes a new economic structure beginning to take shape in our digital world. He outlines how computers, the internet, and (soon) 3D printing are drastically lowering the cost to do business, share goods, and provide services. We see the collaborative commons in every facet of our lives, even if we do not immediately recognize it for what it is.

On sites like Craigslist, people sell, trade, or even give away books, furniture, clothing, and entertainment. People start craft businesses with the click of a button on Etsy, and authors self-publish books and make small fortunes, circumventing publishing houses that drain their bottom line. Uber, AirBnB, and Breather all let customers connect together and operate using the internet and social media. So how does PR fit into this new world?

PR Provides Awareness

Companies like Uber will always have the easiest time carving a hole in their niche market. A unique idea, like a taxi service run via app service, instantly catches the public eye and is shared millions of times through social media and news outlets. Plus, nobody is dedicated to a taxi service for transport right?  If a better service is created and cheaper, then customers will use it. What about the second company? Or third? Some cities have online exchanges like Craigslist, which provide a platform for localized trade. You might have one in your area, but did you know about it?

New businesses need PR and marketing, even in the collaborative commons, and especially if they are competing directly with an established business. Right now, the digital world is like the Wild West – open and lawless, waiting to hit equilibrium. As that field gets more established, even companies providing small services need exposure to survive.

Entrepreneurs and solopreneurs need exposure. Returning to AirBnB for a moment, there are literally thousands of people competing with one another in larger cities. As of today, there are “1,000+” listings in New York City. In Cleveland, there are 358 open rooms. As the creative commons expands, private enterprises mean stiffer competition, and every bit of awareness counts.

Trust Building

Craigslist has gained a reputation of “you never know what you are going to get at the other end.” Customers on eBay and Amazon, however, choose to purchase from companies based on hundreds or thousands of positive reviews. Trust is difficult to build with anonymous users from all over the country. How do you stand out? The answer: a positive image.

Marketing techniques are the mortar to the brick wall of trust. As brands catch on and begin to branch out, they need someone to control their image and establish them as a useful enterprise. In today’s fickle digital world, a single positive moment can propel an unknown private business to stellar heights, while a single bad move can destroy a reputation forever.

PR Engages Customers

For most businesses in the collaborative economy, public interaction is limited to three things:

  • Whether you post goods to Amazon or your services to Lyft, your listing is typically reserved to a star rating, a photo, and a brief description.
  • User reviews. Reviews can typically be found on 2-3 sites, but this again is public perception. The first reviews also tend to set the tone of your future success.
  • Even if you have a website, many customers will not visit it if they just need to interact with your listing. How many items have you purchased from Amazon without following up on a company’s site?

PR firms provide a service beyond basic interactions through stock company profiles and customer reviews. They can personalize your message and reach the intended target market. One company, PR Partners, comes to me to facilitate that message. They seek Perry Rogers (a sports management PR professional) and its associates to drive a customized, relatable engagement that assures consumers top-quality service. In this new world of collaborative commons, the means of engaging the public has changed, but in my experiences, the reasons why have remained the same.  Perry Rogers focus is on working with celebrity athletes but still must keep in mind of all the Internet and technology elements involved for each Client.

The Collaborative Commons Demands SEO

Search engines reign supreme when it comes to reaching the public. Companies striving to reach new customers and deliver their brand to the public need to compete on an opening marketplace. That marketplace – the internet marketplace – is tested by search engine rank. This works for online newsrooms, blogs, internet articles, and more.

How do you reach the public when everyone is competing in the same, small space? The internet is large, but the top searches of Google are decidedly small. Ten or fewer searches make it into the top, and few people click to the second page of search results to find the information they need and get the services they requires.

Today, PR is not just about delivering a message, it is about showcasing knowledge to internet with searchers. To build trust, companies must now provide information to prove they have the power and expertise to deliver exactly what consumers demand. Savvy PR firms attempting to keep with the times need to respect those changes and give the brands they represent heightened exposure, and with that exposure comes more traffic/search rankings. Welcome to the internet age.