Living In Manhattan New York

Manhattan is amongst one of the most famous zip codes to live in the World. Acknowledged as the financial heart of the World, it is the most well known borough of New York. Living in Manhattan New York is like living inside a constantly changing/evolving live being… there is so much happening at all times. For all its importance, Manhattan is a very good mix of the hip and trendy, soft and timeless, elegant and sophisticated and the riff and the raff of life. This is possibly one of the few places on the planet where you might find a top executive of a popular bank rub shoulders with young moms and junkies as he picks up his sandwich from the local vendor.

Manhattan offers a very different lifestyle when compared to any other part of the city of New York. Its constant hustle and bustle makes it a great attraction to the yuppie crowd, but it is not as if it has nothing to offer the quieter lot of people. It is an area that is filled with museums, theatres, parks and eateries that can satisfy even the most varied of people from every corner of the World. The fact that it has been nicknamed “The Crossroads of the World” is an indicator of the diversity of the people who live and work here.

Manhattan New York is a place where it is possible to find both public and private housing options. The earlier tenements have gone and have been replaced by apartments and high rises that are amongst the most expensive to rent or buy in the World. However as the earnings are also amongst the highest in the country, people are willing to pay that extra amount to enjoy the benefit of living in the cultural and finance centre of the city.

One of the primary factors that make people choose Manhattan to live in is the education system. Home of the country’s largest public school system, the options of both public and top class private schools are open to the residents of New York. Some of the best universities of the country, like Columbia and Berkeley are within commuting distances and this makes the area very student oriented. Some of the largest medical and science colleges have their base in Manhattan New York. The Education system is amply supported by the many libraries and centers of research which attract students from all over the country.

New York’s transportation and utilities infrastructure is amongst the best in the country. Manhattan has the least amount of private owned vehicles and residents are primarily dependent on the public transportation system. This system is a highly evolved network of cabs, trains, buses and the metro or underground network. Despite the highly advanced transportation system, Manhattan is best traversed by foot as the place is far too crowded and finding parking in the area is equivalent to finding gold at the end of the rainbow.  The diversity of the people and the hectic pace that they live in, make Manhattan the most eclectic and vibrant areas to live in.

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