M. Scott Gillis Biography

M. Scott Gillis Biography and Background

M. Scott Gillis Biography

M. Scott Gillis is one chief example of corporate survivorship or corporate revitalization in today’s time of economic meltdown. Michael Scott Gillis is a co-founder of popular Galt and Company. New York’s Galt and Company is one of the most competitive and popular management consulting organizations founded in 2003 in the New York City and since then, has been a consistent advising company to the senior and top management officials of most of the Fortune 200 organizations and entities.

M. Scott Gillis Background

M. Scott Gillis exhibits a pleasant blend of science and management as he has pursued Geophysical Engineering at the under-graduate level and then, moved on to graduate from the prestigious Harvard Business School in the field of management. This fascinating combination enables him to display a perfect harmonization of technical knowhow and knowledge with managerial expertise. The ultimate result is the improvisation of the organizational structure and enhanced shareholder value. M. Scott Gillis has been vigorously involved in almost all sectors of capital and consumer markets, such as – banking, health care, drugs and pharmaceuticals, mining, educational, industrial and chemical industries. And in all these sectors, his primary goal has been the maximization of the shareholder returns and enhancement of their interest.

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