M. Scott Gillis

M. Scott Gillis

M. Scott Gillis is a recognized name in the corporate world. Scott Gillis has helped corporate firms achieve the desired results for almost two decades now. His undying efforts and vision has made him a popular name among the corporate giants. His constant efforts to revitalize firms in numerous sectors and other strategies involving the managerial skills have been commendable. M. Scott Gillis has contributed in both customer as well as capital market.

Michael Scott Gillis, with this vast professional experience guides corporate firms having a cumulative market capitalization of more than $500 billion. He has personally guided big names in various sectors such as pharmaceutical industry including the U.S pharmaceutical company where he has assisted in introducing new changes which were essential to adapt to the new customer buying behavior. The strategies made by Scott Gillis were comprehensive in nature which helped in boosting the profits in the consumer product branch. He was also trusted with model and organizational changes of the four of the top ten U.S. Banks. His expertise and knowledge in the corporate field is all tried, tested and appreciated. He has been associated with Gillette, Abbot Laboratories, Alcan, Clorox and MeadWestvaco in recent times and has helped all these big companies achieve notable corporate transformation. The Directors and the executives have all praised M. Scott Gillis elaborately. They all have acknowledged his analytic skills, long term vision, and tremendous impact he had on their company’s results.

While being the Managing Director at the Galt And Company, he has also helped other numerous top banks, beverage and food giants along with mining and fabrication companies.

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