M. Scott Gillis & Management Team

Michael Scott Gillis

M. Scott Gillis is a co-founder and Managing Partner at Galt and Company. His company focuses primarily on delivering good shareholder returns. In an age where everyone is concerned with making more profit, being concerned about its shareholders is definitely a noble cause. M. Scott Gillis and his team (Joseph Shalleck and Leroy Mergy) use their skill to help companies with Portfolio structure, Business models, resource allocation, performance management and organizational capabilities. His way of working and guidelines are fairly easy to implement both by the employee’s as well as the management. Hence, M. Scott Gillis has a high rate of success.  Many companies have recorded a positive impact on the shareholder value due to the efforts of Scott Gillis and his Company. He has achieved all this through his dedication, sincerity and discipline which has resulted in making him one of the most sought after management consultant.

Management consultants are the need of the hour as the market is experiencing high and low fluctuations quite frequently. Experts like M. Scott Gillis, Joseph Shalleck, and Leroy Mergy have managed to help many companies escape the downfall despite the global economic meltdown.  Numerous companies are now on the way to recovery by following his directions. He and his company Galt and Co (a New York Firm) have been more than efficient and effective in transforming the future of many firms by their hard work and smart strategies.  Other companies are now investing in a good management consultant after they failed to compete with the companies under the guidance of Michael Scott Gillis. He can in the truest sense be regarded as the magician in the corporate world!

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