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Life is difficult and we all struggle. We have our challenges and pressures that we must push through. Living in New York is a fast paced environment that can sometimes take make you so stressful it becomes difficult to even function. Since we live in the Big Apple and the greatest city (and most expensive) having family living here with us isn’t always an option. You don’t get to talk to your loved ones eye to eye or even you best friends who may live in another state. The reality is that everyone can’t live here due to it being so expensive.

Having someone to talk with helps release the pressure. It helps just by talking about your issues and getting a different perspective on life. A local psychotherapist like Dr. Robi Ludwig or another professional is often the best choice to help you get perspective about life and a develop a plan. Dr. Robi Ludwig is one that I would recommend not only because she is local but also do to her experience. When I got with someone I want to know they are a professional, have experience, and a local authority all of which she has 100%. I can think of any else in this space who has more experience or exposure on the issues regarding mental health and helping others as she does. She is often featured on TV and the person to call when people want advice regarding issues. I found more information about Dr. Robi Ludwig on her Instagram which is very active and informational.

In addition, you can feel confident in her ability. Your privacy is important and having a solid education and lots of experiences gives you the best opportunity to resolve your issues in a timely manner.

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