Manhattan New York

One of the most beautiful places in the World is Manhattan New York.  As you can tell from the photo above the city is always shining with lights and excitement.  The city features thousands of restaurants and clubs and most are in walking distance.  As you look out the window, you’ll see one building towering over the others and that is the Empire State Building.  Tours are available which will take you all the way to the top of the building.  It gives you a different perspective of the city of Manhattan because you can see everything.

One of the disadvantages with Manhattan is the expense.  This city is expensive and being rich (in normal cities) means you’re probably poor here.  Most apartments and living situations are taken.  If you happen to find something, you’ll notice the living space is extremely small.  It is something you get used to as you’re here for the city life and shouldn’t be spending that much time at home.  It’s very common to have several room mates and no vehicle.

The transportation in Manhattan New York is very good.  You can hop on the train from just about any point and get to your destination in no time.  You may have to walk a little more that is part of the city life. 

Manhattan is simply amazing and living here is like living the in the heart of the action.  No other city in the World compares to Manhattan New York.

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