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I caught up with Mike Asimos last Friday to discuss his visit to New York.  If you don’t know, Mike Asimos is a popular blogger who owns a personal website at: http://mikeasimos.blogspot.com.  The site features his travels, outdoors, and hiking locations.  He also owns probably the largest Grateful Deal collection anywhere.  His father Dan started it and it was later passed onto him.  Over the years, he just kept on adding to his collection and now he describes it as “out of control”.  One of conversations, was about his visit to New York and his favorite hiking spots.  Now you should know that Mike Asimos travels a lot.  He has been just about to every state in the US and knows just about everything related to the outdoors and secrete hiking locations.

I was able to pick his brain on some of the hottest hiking locations in Manhattan.  I’m going to share those with our readers.  This list was put together by Mike Asimos himself (also goes by Michael Asimos) as noted on his website.  Here we go!

1)  In Queens there is a spot called the Jamaica Bay Wildlife Refuge.  The tarrain is rough with lots of sticks, mud, and ponds.  It’s not the faint of heart.  There are tons of birds here infact over 330 species have been seen here since 1925.  Again, make sure you dress appropriately because things are messy here.  It’s a fun hike and one of Mike Asimos favorites.

2)  Midwood Trail is located in Brooklyn.  It’s a fairly short hike like .75 of  mile.  As you walk and discover all the species that hang out here you forget you’re so close to the city.  This is one of the oldest forests in Brooklyn.  It’s worth a visit for sure and much cleaner than the hike at Jamaica Bay.  You may want to look around a little more while your here as well.  Like I mentioned above the hike is fairly small so enjoy the scenery and take lots of photos.

3)  John Kieran Nature Trail is part of the Bronx’s Van Cortlandt Park.  It stretches over 1000 acres so there is always somewhere to go here.  If you go down by the stables there is a good 1.5 mile hike (Gallagher Trail).  It’s a really big area overall from wetlands and a lake to discover.  There are several trails available here if you look out for them.

Those are the hot spots when it comes to hiking trails and Manhattan and surrounding areas by Mike Asimos.  He is also available on many social media sites online.  I’m sure if you Google his name you can find him.  He has been featured on many articles about hiking and camping because of his travels and expertise in this field.  If you’d like to ready more about Mike make sure you visit his website and connect with him.

Walking the trail with Mike Asimos

Walking the trail with Mike Asimos

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