Manhattan Top Attractions

Manhattan Popular Attractions

I was in Manhattan this past weekend and wanted to share my experiences with several of the top attractions.  These are your typical top recommended sites to visit.  Almost everyone visits them.  Here we go and more will be discussed in future posts.

Central Park is about 843 acres in the heart of Manhattan.  It’s pretty much busy all the time with the locals and many tourists checking it out.  Since the city is almost all concrete visiting the Park will give you a sense of “green” again.  I have been to many states and venues and understand getting some of the greenery is an important element.  In 1962, Central Park was give historic status.  Central Park can get really busy and it’s believed to have over 35 million visitors a year.

Empire State Building located in midtown Manhattan the Empire State Building is the 4th tallest in the USA.  The building is actually owned by Empire State Realty Trust and their current CEO Anthony Malkin.  Just a few years ago in 2010 over $550 million was spent to renovate the building and make it more eco-friendly ($120 million of it).  There has been many suicide attempts (some successful and others not) mostly from individuals trying to jump off of it.  A plane also crashed into the building in 1945 which impacted several floors.  If you’re curious and decide to count the steps I will tell you now that there are 1860 steps from the street level.  Over 1000 business do business inside and it actually has it’s own zip code.  That is impressive.

Times Square can be an exciting place to visit.  Again, this is one of the more popular areas to visit and where a lot of tourists visit.  It is also located in midtown Manhattan if you’re having trouble finding it.  New York Times Square is considered to be the most visited attraction in the World with over 39 million visitors per year.  About 330,000 people pass through the area on a daily basis.  On New Years Eve each year the place is standing room only and you need to get here in the morning to see the action (ball drop).

There is you have it.  A quick summary of the few places to visit and deem the top attractions in Manhattan.