Learn About Manhattan

Learn About Manhattan NY

Let’s discuss Manhattan, it’s history, and why I love living here.  First, if you’ve never been to Manhattan you must visit.  From the list of my friends almost all of them came here on vacation and ended up loving it so much they just stayed here.  If you’re looking for a job or single, then it’s the number 1 place to be in the USA.

Manhattan is a very popular area of New York City.  Here you’ll find a wide range of personalities and cultures.  Residents incomes range from high to low so there a lot of broke individuals and a lot of rich individuals.  Manhattan is the home of the UN Headquarters and Wall Street which many call the financial capital of the World.  It’s also the home of the New York Stock Exchange and the NASDAQ.  Manhattan is hands down the most expensive place to live in USA.  New York County is the most populated than any other county in the USA as well.  It’s very busy and compact.  In 2013, there were 1.6 million individuals living in about 23 square miles.  New York City brings in about 50 million visitors annually.

One aspect I really love about Manhattan is its architecture.  All the skyscrapers, bridges, towers, ect they truly are amazing and you can’t miss them when you come here.