Manhattan Traffic


I just got back from my friends place downtown and I came to the realization that Manhattan traffic can get really bad.  I not sure if we’ll ever find a solution to all this painful traffic but we need to start putting in measures to figure it out quickly.  I would also like to say the fees associated with Taxi’s is getting really expensive on my wallet.

It probably won’t happen here but many cities are experiences all these new rideshare services like Uber for example.  I wish we had more around here because we need to competition so the prices can be lowered.  Obviously, the city is collecting hand over fists with it’s current setup so it probably wouldn’t last but I hope we start to move in this direction as a city.

I know it’s not much but just a week ago the city raised the rates for taxi’s another .30 cents.  Again, it’s not enough for anyone to complain about probably but that is how they get you.  It continues to raise slowly and before you know it’s several dollars higher than it was before.  You can forget about owner a car in Manhattan at this point.